• How to fix Touch screen not working for Brother Printer


    Are you facing any kind of issue with your Brother Printer? Then no need to worry our team of experts will help you and give the appropriate solutions to Brother Printer Touch Screen not working. If you can just take 2-3 minutes of your time and go through this complete blog then you will get the solution on how you can fix the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer. If you are facing this error with your printer then please feel free to get in touch with Brother Printer Support team.

    Brother Printers are one of the well-known brands of printers around the globe. Brother printers are known for their advanced features but being a machine you might face some errors with the printer. And one common error is that the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer. This problem is very common with all the models of Brother Printers.

    Reasons responsible for Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer

    There are many reasons that are responsible for this error. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

        The touch screen is has a layer of dust or scale, which affects signal transmission

        Touch screen failure

        Touch screen card failure

        Touch Screen signal line failure

        Printer host serial port failure

        Printer operating system failure

        Touch screen driver installation error

    Symptoms for Touch screen not working for Brother Printer

    You might see some symptoms before the touch screen completely stops working. Sometimes you might notice that the touch screen responds inconsistently or the fingerprint is not compatible with the cursor. This error happens when the driver is installed and when fixing the position. You didn’t touch the center point vertically. In this case, you can try to calibrate the center point to get rid of the error. Part of the touchpad screen will not work and gradually the touch screen becomes unresponsive. In this kind of errors, you can fix by cleaning the touch screen for which you should first switch off the printer and unplug the power supply to avoid damage to the screen.

    You can follow the below steps to fix the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer

        Check the LED indicator of the touch screen is blinking. Under normal conditions, the LED light will blink every second.

        If the LED indicator keeps on blinking, please check if you see dust layer, if yes then please clean it. Also, you need to check if the serial port of the hardware is connected to the serial port of the software.

        Just check if the printer host serial port is functioning correctly.

        After you install the driver for calibration pay attention to the systems error like “not found the control card” touch screen is not connected

        Check whether all the printer cables have been properly linked to the host

    Brother printer Support

    Did the solutions provided above make any difference? If not and you are looking for additional help please feel free to contact the Brother Printer Support team at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. Brother Printer Support is a third party team that helps Brother Customers with their queries. And the team is available 24/7 so you can call them any time and get immediate help.

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  • How to load paper in Brother Printer

    When you start using a new printer the most basic step is to load paper in the printer. And if you don’t load the paper properly then there are many errors that you will face with the printer. In this blog, today we will discuss how you can load paper in Brother Printer so that you avoid getting any kind of errors in the future. If you face any kind of error while loading the paper then you can refer the user manual that is provided with the printer or else you can also contact our trained technicians at Brother Printer Support.

    Every printer needs to be filled with paper at regular intervals and Brother Printer also requires the same. But when you don’t feed the paper properly you will get an error with your printer. In this blog, we will discuss how to properly feed paper to your Brother Printer so that you don’t face any kind of error with the printer.

    Let’s first go through basic steps that you should keep I mind to load paper in Brother Printer-

    1.    The first step will be to unfold the paper output support flap

    2.    Then take out the paper tray completely out of the machine

    3.    Then before you put the paper in the tray shake the paper stack properly to separate each sheet

    4.    Now lay the stack of paper flat on the tray

    5.    Now adjust the paper guides by pressing down on the blue lever to accommodate the height and length of the paper you are using

    6.    Now place the paper tray back to the printer

    Some very important steps other than the above-mentioned steps are that before you load the papers you should always check that the size if the paper will fit the printer or not. You can refer to the user manual to check what size of the paper you should use for the Brother Printer model you have.

    So, while you use the above-mentioned steps to load papers sometimes you might come across some Paper feeding issues. Some of the issues are as mentioned below:

    •    Paper draw – Sometimes printer falls to draw paper from the paper tray due to incorrect placement of paper. And you can fix the error by changing the position of the paper might help to prevent this issue. And you can also refer to the user manual for more information

    •    Paper jam – The main reason for this error is that you have placed paper size that is not supported by the printer. Either the paper is too small or too big compared to the tray size so the paper gets stuck inside the printer causing paper jamming. Once you face this error you have to first check the user manual for the proper paper size and then replace the current paper stack with new ones.

    Brother Printer Support

    In case of any errors you face with your Brother Printer you can always contact Brother Printer Support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. The team is available 24/7 for help. You can also get solution for your query by writing emails at info@dialprintersupport.com and the team will revert back to you. 

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  • How to solve the Brother Printer Out of Memory error

    When the storage capacity of your Brother printer exceeds it will give the error Brother Printer Out of Memory error. If you are experiencing the Brother Printer Out of Memory error in the middle of your work then you can contact the Brother Printer Tech Support. This error is troubling but you can easily handle the error using some simple steps.

    Brother Printer Pout of Memory error actually shows the memory condition of your Printer. The amount of memory depends on the amount of data that you have printed or faxed using your printer. When you use your printer to scan graphics contents, it consumes more memory. In this blog, we will discuss how you can deal with the Brother Printer Out of memory error.

    Conditions in which you will face the Brother Printer Out of Memory error-

        While trying to send a fax

        While trying to make copies

        While printing from your computer

        When you start scanning

    Solutions to fix the Out of memory error-

    Brother Printer Out of Memory error is clearly visible in two Brother Printer models one is Brother MFC-I2740DW clear memory and Brother MFC 9340DW out of memory error. But no matter which Brother Printer model you are using you will face this error. There is nothing to freak out just follow this blog to get the solution or else you always have the option to contact Brother Printer Tech Support.

    Step 1: When you are copying and you get the error

        Then first press the Start button to copy the scanned documents

        Now to stop the process press Stop/Exit button

        Now you have to wait till the other operations in process complete

        Now try to print and check if you are getting the error

    Step 2: When you get the error in between the fax process

        First press the scan button to send the scanned pages

        Now you can press the STOP button and wait until the process completes

         Now you have to clear the faxes stored in the memory to clear the memory to 100%

        Now press the menu button to print fax in the memory

        Now choose fax and then choose remote Fax Opt.

        Finally, click any one of Print Fax or Print Document

        Now turn the Fax storage off to restrict faxes from storing

        To turn off the Fax storage press the Menu button and then choose the Fax option

        First select the “Remote Fax Opt”

        Now click on the “Off” button

    Step 3: When the Print operation is in process

        In this first, you have to reduce the print resolution followed by maintaining the “Print Quality” in the Basic tab

        Also, clear the Faxes from the memory to fix the Brother Printer Out of Memory error.

    Brother Printer Tech Support

    In case you need any help or finding it difficult to understand the steps please contact Brother Printer Tech Support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. The team is available 24/7 for help. 


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  • How to fix Canon Printer Error Code 1682

    Canon Printer Error Code 1682 is one such error which can appear with the Canon Printers. Printers dealing with errors can be troublesome since the printing job we have commanded stops at the spot. There are ways the errors can be fixed and this error also has the solution to get fixed up. This blog will help you out in the procedure to fix up the error and also if you need help from the technical team then you can contact with the Canon Printer Tech Support team.

    What is Canon Printer Error Code 1682?

    Canon Printer Error Code 1682 is an error which appears in the Canon Printers when there is trouble in the printer that it stops to figure out one or more cartridges of the printer. The reason behind the occurring of the error is that it can happen due to many reasons such as the cartridge getting in touch with dust and dirt, or it can be because of the misuse handling of the printer which creates damage inside the cartridge. The error appears as a message describing the trouble as ‘Fine cartridge cannot be recognized’ or else ‘Ink cartridge cannot be recognized’.

    There are solutions to fix up the error and here we will go down with the procedure to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 1682.

    The solution to fix the Canon Printer Error Code 1682:

        To start the process, firstly you will have to turn off the printer.

        Open the printer cover.

        Now check which one of the cartridges is troubling up. It can be either the Black cartridge or the Colored cartridge.

        Remove the trouble cartridge from the printer.

        Now check out the front side of the device which presents up with a small strip filled with gold series contacts.

        Take out a piece of tissue paper and clean the gold series contacts very properly.

       Now put back the cartridge by placing it very carefully.

        Close the printer cover.

        Now turn on the printer.

        Lastly, check out the printer for the error disappearing by taking a print on a paper.

    This solution will help you in solving out the error which is being caused with you Canon Printers. Canon Printer Tech Support is also another medium by which you can avail help from the technical support team.

    Canon Printer Tech Support

    Technology is the essential part of everyone’s life in today’s date and when the technology gets troubled up, it can create trouble for us since the work we are processing with the technology stops to proceed. Talking about technology here, printers are the source we can print out the required files we need in various purposes. Canon Printer is one such technical brand which is delivering out the best quality and service all over the world. Sometimes it can be observed that canon Printer being a technical object, faces suffering from technical errors. The errors need to be fixed, so there is a way which will help the Canon Printer customers to cover up the error and the medium is the Canon Printer Tech Support which is basically a team of technical experts who works to give out the best service to the customers. The customers can call up the technical team at any point of time to solve out the technical problems they are dealing with their printers.

    You can call on to the toll-free number +1-888-621-0339 to talk with the technical team. The helpline number is available 24*7. Remember that the technical members never ask the customers for any false or hidden charges. To avail service at a low cost, you can subscribe on to the monthly or yearly package provided by the Canon Printer Tech Support team.

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  • How to troubleshoot Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910

    Canon Printers are well known for their good quality printing and performance. Canon has a different variety of printers available in the market. Canon PIXMA Printers is one of the printers. Canon PIXMA printers are the latest version of printers in the market with the latest technology but sometimes you might face some errors with the printers. Canon Printer error 6910 is the most common error you will face with the Canon PIXMA printer. When you see the Canon Printer error 6910 it will be asking you to turn off and then turn on the printer again. The best solution is to take help from our trained and skilled technicians to troubleshoot the error. It is very annoying and frustrating when we see the error on the screen. Our certified experts can help you to fix the Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910 you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support. Or else you can go through the complete blog as we will discuss on troubleshooting the Canon PIXMA printer error 6910 error.

    Steps on how to troubleshoot the Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910

    Canon PIXMA printer error 6910 is quite common with the PIXMA series of printers and you have to troubleshoot the error. Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot the error-

    Step 1: First step will be to turn off the machine and then unplug the printer completely from the main power cable

    Step 2: then you will have to open the printer door and check for the cartridge access. Use a flashlight to check the same.

    Step 3: make sure that the tabs above the cartridge are not open

    Step 4: if at all you can use a long and thin to push those down like a flat head screwdriver

    Step 5: then you can check down you will get a small sponge-like pad that sometimes gets caught on the bottom

    Step 6: if you see any such pad then you have to push it down but it will be covered in ink

    Step 7: then you can manually move the print head back and forth for 3 – 4 times

    Step 8: then you can leave the carriage in the middle of the bar

    Step 9: then press and hold on to the power button for 30 seconds while the printer is still unplugged

    Step 10: now you can connect the printer back and then turn it on again

    Now you can check if you are still getting the same error again or not.

    Canon Printer Customer Support


    After following the above steps also if you are still facing the same error then the best option will be to contact the Canon Printer Customer Support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. The team is available around the clock to help you. You can also get your solutions by writing emails to the team at info@dialprintersupport.com and the team will respond back to you. The team doesn’t have any hidden charges but the team does provide monthly or yearly subscription with minimum charges to enjoy uninterrupted services.

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