• How to fix Touch screen not working for Brother Printer

    How to fix Touch screen not working for Brother Printer


    Are you facing any kind of issue with your Brother Printer? Then no need to worry our team of experts will help you and give the appropriate solutions to Brother Printer Touch Screen not working. If you can just take 2-3 minutes of your time and go through this complete blog then you will get the solution on how you can fix the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer. If you are facing this error with your printer then please feel free to get in touch with Brother Printer Support team.

    Brother Printers are one of the well-known brands of printers around the globe. Brother printers are known for their advanced features but being a machine you might face some errors with the printer. And one common error is that the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer. This problem is very common with all the models of Brother Printers.

    Reasons responsible for Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer

    There are many reasons that are responsible for this error. Some of the reasons are mentioned below-

        The touch screen is has a layer of dust or scale, which affects signal transmission

        Touch screen failure

        Touch screen card failure

        Touch Screen signal line failure

        Printer host serial port failure

        Printer operating system failure

        Touch screen driver installation error

    Symptoms for Touch screen not working for Brother Printer

    You might see some symptoms before the touch screen completely stops working. Sometimes you might notice that the touch screen responds inconsistently or the fingerprint is not compatible with the cursor. This error happens when the driver is installed and when fixing the position. You didn’t touch the center point vertically. In this case, you can try to calibrate the center point to get rid of the error. Part of the touchpad screen will not work and gradually the touch screen becomes unresponsive. In this kind of errors, you can fix by cleaning the touch screen for which you should first switch off the printer and unplug the power supply to avoid damage to the screen.

    You can follow the below steps to fix the Touch Screen not working for Brother Printer

        Check the LED indicator of the touch screen is blinking. Under normal conditions, the LED light will blink every second.

        If the LED indicator keeps on blinking, please check if you see dust layer, if yes then please clean it. Also, you need to check if the serial port of the hardware is connected to the serial port of the software.

        Just check if the printer host serial port is functioning correctly.

        After you install the driver for calibration pay attention to the systems error like “not found the control card” touch screen is not connected

        Check whether all the printer cables have been properly linked to the host

    Brother printer Support

    Did the solutions provided above make any difference? If not and you are looking for additional help please feel free to contact the Brother Printer Support team at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. Brother Printer Support is a third party team that helps Brother Customers with their queries. And the team is available 24/7 so you can call them any time and get immediate help.

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