• How to load paper in Brother Printer

    How to load paper in Brother Printer

    When you start using a new printer the most basic step is to load paper in the printer. And if you don’t load the paper properly then there are many errors that you will face with the printer. In this blog, today we will discuss how you can load paper in Brother Printer so that you avoid getting any kind of errors in the future. If you face any kind of error while loading the paper then you can refer the user manual that is provided with the printer or else you can also contact our trained technicians at Brother Printer Support.

    Every printer needs to be filled with paper at regular intervals and Brother Printer also requires the same. But when you don’t feed the paper properly you will get an error with your printer. In this blog, we will discuss how to properly feed paper to your Brother Printer so that you don’t face any kind of error with the printer.

    Let’s first go through basic steps that you should keep I mind to load paper in Brother Printer-

    1.    The first step will be to unfold the paper output support flap

    2.    Then take out the paper tray completely out of the machine

    3.    Then before you put the paper in the tray shake the paper stack properly to separate each sheet

    4.    Now lay the stack of paper flat on the tray

    5.    Now adjust the paper guides by pressing down on the blue lever to accommodate the height and length of the paper you are using

    6.    Now place the paper tray back to the printer

    Some very important steps other than the above-mentioned steps are that before you load the papers you should always check that the size if the paper will fit the printer or not. You can refer to the user manual to check what size of the paper you should use for the Brother Printer model you have.

    So, while you use the above-mentioned steps to load papers sometimes you might come across some Paper feeding issues. Some of the issues are as mentioned below:

    •    Paper draw – Sometimes printer falls to draw paper from the paper tray due to incorrect placement of paper. And you can fix the error by changing the position of the paper might help to prevent this issue. And you can also refer to the user manual for more information

    •    Paper jam – The main reason for this error is that you have placed paper size that is not supported by the printer. Either the paper is too small or too big compared to the tray size so the paper gets stuck inside the printer causing paper jamming. Once you face this error you have to first check the user manual for the proper paper size and then replace the current paper stack with new ones.

    Brother Printer Support

    In case of any errors you face with your Brother Printer you can always contact Brother Printer Support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. The team is available 24/7 for help. You can also get solution for your query by writing emails at info@dialprintersupport.com and the team will revert back to you. 

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