• How to troubleshoot Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910

    How to troubleshoot Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910

    Canon Printers are well known for their good quality printing and performance. Canon has a different variety of printers available in the market. Canon PIXMA Printers is one of the printers. Canon PIXMA printers are the latest version of printers in the market with the latest technology but sometimes you might face some errors with the printers. Canon Printer error 6910 is the most common error you will face with the Canon PIXMA printer. When you see the Canon Printer error 6910 it will be asking you to turn off and then turn on the printer again. The best solution is to take help from our trained and skilled technicians to troubleshoot the error. It is very annoying and frustrating when we see the error on the screen. Our certified experts can help you to fix the Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910 you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support. Or else you can go through the complete blog as we will discuss on troubleshooting the Canon PIXMA printer error 6910 error.

    Steps on how to troubleshoot the Canon PIXMA Printer error 6910

    Canon PIXMA printer error 6910 is quite common with the PIXMA series of printers and you have to troubleshoot the error. Please follow the below steps to troubleshoot the error-

    Step 1: First step will be to turn off the machine and then unplug the printer completely from the main power cable

    Step 2: then you will have to open the printer door and check for the cartridge access. Use a flashlight to check the same.

    Step 3: make sure that the tabs above the cartridge are not open

    Step 4: if at all you can use a long and thin to push those down like a flat head screwdriver

    Step 5: then you can check down you will get a small sponge-like pad that sometimes gets caught on the bottom

    Step 6: if you see any such pad then you have to push it down but it will be covered in ink

    Step 7: then you can manually move the print head back and forth for 3 – 4 times

    Step 8: then you can leave the carriage in the middle of the bar

    Step 9: then press and hold on to the power button for 30 seconds while the printer is still unplugged

    Step 10: now you can connect the printer back and then turn it on again

    Now you can check if you are still getting the same error again or not.

    Canon Printer Customer Support


    After following the above steps also if you are still facing the same error then the best option will be to contact the Canon Printer Customer Support at their toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. The team is available around the clock to help you. You can also get your solutions by writing emails to the team at info@dialprintersupport.com and the team will respond back to you. The team doesn’t have any hidden charges but the team does provide monthly or yearly subscription with minimum charges to enjoy uninterrupted services.

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